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Love (MBC-1998)

Title :사랑 / Sarang
Also known as : Love
Episodes: 16
Casts : Jang Dong Gun, Kim Mi Sook, Choi Ji Woo, Song Yun Ah, Jung Jun Ho, Kim Ji Soo, Go Bon Seung

My Comment :

Well, I just want to share the OST.. Continue reading


MV Last Scandal – Love Is Coming

This is a fanmade MV
Song : The OST “Sarang Ee Ol Gga Yo – Byun Jin Sup”
Clips : All Cast’s scenes from K-Drama “Last Scandal” (MBC-2008)

[Lyrics] Sarang Ee Ol Gga Yo – Byun Jin Sup

sa-rang-i ol-gga-yo ddo da-si nae-ge ol-gga-yo
da-si-neun obs-eul geot-man gat-ass-eott-deon geu sa-rang-i
ga-seum-i ddwi-ne-yo
o-rae jeon sa-rang-eul ilh-go meom-cwo-itt-deon
nae mam-i ddo da-si ddwi-ne-yo

a-mu-ri bi-kyeo-seo-do na mot pi-ha-na-bwa
mo-reun-ceog go-gae-reul dol-lyeo-do
ja-ggu nae ga-seum-i neo-reul caj-a
sa-rang a-nin-jul-man ar-ass-eo
deo da-ga-wa-do go-gael jeo-oss-eo
nae ma-eum sog-e o-neu-saen-ga deur-eo-on
neo ran-geol mo-reu-go oh~

sa-rang-i ol-gga-yo ddo da-si nae-ge ol-gga-yo
da-si-neun obs-eul geot-man gat-ass-eott-deon geu sa-rang-i
ga-seum-i ddwi-ne-yo
o-rae-jeon sa-rang-eul ilh-go meom-cwo-itt-deon
nae mam-i ddo da-si ddwi-ne-yo

neol wi-hae
yeo-gi-gga-ji na dor-a wann-na-bwa
myeot beon-e sa-rang-eul bo-naen geol
neo-reul wi-han o-raen jun-bi-yeott-ji
i-je da-sin not-ji anh-gess-eo
neol ji-kyeo-ju-neun nae-ga dwi-gess-eo
nae ga-seum-sog-e we-cyeo-o-deon
geu-mar-eul neo-e-ge hal-geo-ya

sa-rang-i ol-gga-yo ddo da-si nae-ge ol-gga-yo
da-si-neun eobs-eul geot-man gat-ass-eott-deon
geu sa-rang-i ga-seum-i ddwi-ne-yo
o-rae-jeon sa-rang-eul ilh-go meom-cwo-itt-deon
nae mam-i ddo da-si ddwi-ne-yo

sa-rang-i o-ne-yo ddo da-si nae-ge o-ne-yo
han-cam-eul ij-eun cae-ro
sar-a-watt-deon geu sa-rang-i eo-ddeoh-ge mag-a-yo
du nun-eul ggog gam-go gwi-reul mag-a-bwa-do
ga-seum-e ca-beo-rin sa-rang-eul


Credits :

Sarang Ee Ol Gga Yo-Byun Jin Sup.wma 1.78MB [D][Mediafire]

MV Last Scandal – Sun Hee Theme

This is a fanmade MV
Song : The OST “Ae In It Suh Yo By Lee Eun Mi ”
Clips : Sun Hee’s scenes from K-Drama “Last Scandal Of My Life” (MBC-2008)

My Comment :
This song sound so sad. Although I do not know the meaning but it was often played during Sun Hee’s sad scenes.

Ae In It Suh Yo – Lee Eun Mi.wma 1.9MB [D][Mediafire]

The Last Scandal Of My Life (MBC-2008)

Title: 마지막 스캔들 / Last Scandal
Also known as: The Last Scandal of My Life / My Life’s Last Scandal
Episodes: 16
Casts :
Choi Jin Shil as Hong Sun Hee
Jung Joon Ho as Song Jae Bin / Jang Dong Chul
Byun Jung Soo as Lee Na Yoon
Jung Woong In as Jang Dong Hwa

Credits: Dramawiki

The Synopsis:

Hong Sun Hee was a strong and high spirited housewife who devoted herself to her family while her husband often landed the family in debt. One day when worked as and extra in a filming site, she accidentally met her first love, Jang Dong Chul, who had become a star named Song Jae Bin and lied about his age to public saying he was 32 instead his own real age 39. Jae Bin was surprised to find the used to be pretty Sun Hee appeared more like an ahjumma now. As her husband once again got into debt and was even sent to jail, he asked Sun Hee to get some money to bail him out.

Unable to find that big amount of money even though after so many attempts, Sun Hee decided to go to see Jae Bin at his house and “sold” herself to him. While Jae Bin was surprised with Sun Hee’s act, his brother, Dong Hwa came home. To avoid misunderstanding, Jae Bin lied to Dong Hwa that Sun Hee was the new maid who would work for them. So, Sun Hee started to work as maid in that house, serving Jae Bin, Dong Hwa and Dong Hwa’s teenage son. Meanwhile, her husband also went missing. Unbeknownst to Sun Hee, he  had been out of jail with the help of a rich woman whom he had an affair with. In return to the help, Sun Hee’s husband was asked to leave his family and stay by that woman’s side.

Seeing her in difficulties, Sun Hee was then accepted to live in the house with her teenage daughter, who turned to be Song Jae Bin’s ardent fan.

Despite that he still had feeling to Sun Hee, Jae Bin’s childish behaviour often gave Sun Hee hard time while she tried to search for her missing husband. On the other hand, Dong Hwa who was far more reserved and gentle than Jae Bin also like Sun Hee. Things got more complicated when Lee Na Yoon, an actress who was also Jae Bin’s ex girlfriend, came back to Korea and wanted to get back with him despite the fact that she was Dong Hwa’s son’s birth mother.

My Comment :

Although Last Scandal is not the best drama for me but I found it pretty enjoyable. Despite having senior actors as the cast members rather than the young ones, they really did a good in portraying the characters. Jung Jun Ho were effortlessly hilarious as Jae Bin, with his childish behaviour. Her chemistry with Choi Jin Shil were great as well. Whereas Jung Woong In who played the annoying husband in Rude Woman

was so charismatic here. I was sometimes sympathized with Dong Hwa for his one sided love to Sun Hee. However, in many ways Sun Hee was obviously i more comfortable to be with Jae Bin than to be with the more reserved Dong Hwa.

Stop Press:
It is hard to believe that this is the last drama from Choi Jin Shil since she was found dead of suicide on 2/10/2008. What a shocking news I read from Dramabeans blog I like Choi Jin Shil in her old drama Wish Upon A Star (co starred Ahn Jae Wook) and Since I Met You (co starred Ryu Shi Won) ~RIP.

Bad Couple VS Perfect Match

Perfect Match

Bad Couple

Bad Couple reminds me of one of my most favorite K-movies titled Perfect Match which played by Shin Eun Kyung.

Aren’t the poster look similar?

But the story is of course different ..

Perfect Match is a movie released in 2001. It is about a couple manager or a matchmaker played by Shin Eun Kyung, who are very successful in matchmaking her clients. She lied to her friends that she were still with her boyfriend although the fact was that she was dumped.

One day she took over a troubled client from her colleague. She could not understand why an A+ grade client always failed in the dating process they arranged for him and could not find his match until she knew him closer. While trying to find a perfect match to this client, she also fell in love with him.

One of the scene in Bad Couple when Dang Ja fell into the sauce drum also remind me of the scene in Perfect Match..the different is in Perfect Match, the character played by Shin Eun Kyung fell into the hole on the roadwork site.