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[MV] General Hospital 2 – Dream (Love Theme)

This is a fanmade MV
Song : The OST “Dream – Song Hee Ran”
Clips : All cast’s love theme scenes from K-Drama “General Hospital 2” (MBC-2008)

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My Comment :

I love to see Ha Yoon and Hyun Woo…

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[MV] General Hospital 2 – Greeting (All Cast Theme)

This is a fanmade MV
Song : The OST “Greeting – And”
Clips : All casts’ scenes from K-Drama “General Hospital 2” (MBC-2008)

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My Comment :

On this MV, I tried to capture the ups and downs that the characters in this drama went through in the attempts to treat and save their patients, especially the emotional parts with this beautiful song as a background.

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[MV] General Hospital 2 – Ha Yoon Theme

This is a fanmade MV
Song : The OST “A City Called Seoul – Hey”
Clips : Geum Soon and Jae Hee’s scenes from K-Drama “General Hospital 2” (MBC-2008)

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My Comment :

I love this song although I don’t understand!

A City Called Seoul – Hey [L/DL] [Buy Now]

General Hospital 2 (MBC – 2008)

Title: 종합병원 2 / Jonghap Byeongwon 2
Also known as: General Hospital 2
Episodes: 16
Casts :
Lee Jae Ryong as Kim Do Hoon
Cha Tae Hyun as Choi Jin Sang
Kim Jung Eun as Jung Ha Yoon
Ryu Jin as Baek Hyun Woo
Ryu Seung Soo as Jo Yong Han
Do Ji Won as Song Hye Soo
Lee Jong Won as Han Ki Tae
Go Joon Hee as Kang Eun Ji

The Synopsis:

Jung Ha Yoon is a graduate student who successfully passed the bar exam. However, she is not finished as she wants to be a medical malpractice litigation specialist. She works at a hospital to look to gain experience and there she meets other doctors who work there.

Credits: Dramawiki

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All About Eve (MBC-2000)

Title: 이브의 모든것 / Ibeuui Modeun Geot
Episodes: 20
Casts :Jang Dong Gun, Chae Rim, Han Jae Suk, Kim So Yun, Kim Jung Eun

My Comment :

Just want to post the OST of this old K-Drama.. Continue reading

MV Lovers – The Lovers Theme

This is a fanmade MV
MV Lovers – The Lovers Theme
Song : The OST “Yun In” By Jo Jang Hyuk
Clips : Mi Joo-Kang Jae’s Happy Scenes from K-Drama “The Lovers” (SBS-2006)
Casts : Kim Jung Eun, Lee Seo Jin

My Comment :
I like this song, too. I think Jo Jang Hyuk has a great voice. Besides the OST of this drama, I also like the OST of old K-Dramas that sung by him, which titled “Love Song” from Successful Story of A Bright Girl (Played by Jang Na Ra, Jang Hyuk) and “In My Dream” from Shooting Star (Played by Jeon Do Yeon and Jo In Sung). I am going to share both of these songs too later.

  • Yun In – Jo Jang Hyuk  [D]
  • For those who like this MV, below is the download link :
    MV Lovers – THe Lovers Theme 26.67MB [Download][4Shared]

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    MV Lovers – The Love Story

    This is a fanmade MV
    Song : The OST “Go Hae” By Chiyul
    Clips : Mi Joo-Kang Jae-Yu Jin ‘s Scenes from K-Drama “The Lovers” (SBS-2006)
    Casts : Kim Jung Eun, Lee Seo Jin, Kim Kyu Ri

    My Comment :
    In this fanmade MV of mine, I tried to describe the love story of the characters, Kang Jae and Yu Jin.
    As the typical Korean Drama, the love story on this drama is actually involved 4 people as well. However, I did not put the fourth character, which is Sae Yeon (played by Jung Chan) who has unrequited love for Mi Joo, in my MV.

    In my opinion, the scriptwriter,the director and the cinematographer of this drama, were doing a very good job.From all the fanmade MVs I made, I find it is very few of them in which I can summarize almost the whole love story into one MV and made the people who watch it to be able to catch what the story about. This drama is really the exceptional one.

  • Go Hae – Chiyul [D]