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Guardian Angel (SBS-2001)

Title: 수호천사
Also Known As : Guardian Angel
Episodes: 16
Casts : Kim Min Jong, Song Hye Gyo, Kim Min, Yoon Da Hoon
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Ghost (SBS- 1999)

Title :고스트
Also known as : Ghost
Episodes: 16
Casts : Jang Dong Gun, Kim Min Jong. Myung Se Bin, Park Ji Yoon

Credits : Dramawiki

My Comment :
I can’t remember the storyline of this old drama of Jang Dong Gun but I always love these two songs from its OST Album. Continue reading

Island Village Teacher (SBS – 2004)

Title: 섬마을 선생님
Also known as: Island Village Teacher/What Happened On Island
Episodes: 16
Casts :
Han Ji Hye as Hong Eun Xiu
Kim Min Jong as Chiu Hao Tai
Lee Dong Wook as Chong Jai Do

The Synopsis:

Hong Eun Xiu (Han Ji Hye) accidentally witnessed a murder by a ruthless gangster and was placed under the protection of the police. Chiu Hao Tai(Kim Min Jong) was assigned to protect her and their relationship start off badly since she always tries to runaway from him. After numerous attempts by the gangster to silence her, they have to runaway to an island whereby they were mistaken by the local as the new teachers and the volunteered doctor, son of a famous doctor Chong Jai Do (Lee Dong Wook) falls for Eun Xiu, his so called fiancee turns up…..

Credits: Dramawiki

My Comment :

This was the first drama of Han Ji Hye that I watched. I actually watched it because of Kim Min Jong, one of my favorite K-Actors. The story was actually nice but the only flaw was on the proportion of funny and sad scenes. The story was so funny in the earlier episodes but later became sadder till the end. I prefer drama with balance proportion between funny and sad scenes.

The OST : [L/D][Megaupload/eSnips]

  • For You – Ji Suh Ryun
  • Shi Jak – Han Chae Yoon, Go Chan Il
  • Secret (MBC – 2000)

    Title: 비밀 / Bi-mil
    Also known as : Secret
    Episodes: 18
    Casts : Kim Ha Neul, Kim Min Jong, Ryu Shi Won, Ha Ji Won

    My Comment :One of my All-time favorite K-Dramas. Love the story and the OST. I actually watched this drama because it had Ryu Shi Won in it but I became like Kim Min Jong’s character instead. And as I rewatched it few months ago, I just found out that Lee Dong Wook also had a small role here as the boyfriend of Kim Min Jong’s sister in this drama.

    Nuh Man Eul Wi Han Sarang (Acoustic Version) – Shin Seung Hun[D][Megaupload]