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Hello Miss (KBS – 2007)

Title: 헬로 애기씨 / Hello! Miss
Also known as: Hello! Baby / Hello! My Lady
Previously known as: 프라이드 / Pride
Episodes: 16

Casts :
Lee Ji Hoon as Hwang Dong Gyu
Lee Da Hae as Lee Soo Ha
Ha Suk Jin as Hwang Chan Min
Yoon Mi So as Suh Hwa Ran

The Synopsis:

Lee Soo Ha, 38th granddaughter of the Jae Ahn Lee clan and owner of the clan manor Hwa Ahn Dang, is trying to save the place from going bankrupt. Hwang Dong Gyu, oldest grandson of the president of TOP Group, is trying to buy Hwa Ahn Dang because his grandfather, who was once a servant at the manor, cannot rest in peace unless he spends his last days in Hwa Ahn Dang’s master suite. Hwang Chan Min, Dong Gyu’s playboy cousin, is his rival in business and love. Enter Seo Hwa Ran, a model who has a secret history with and a secret plan for Hwa Ahn Dang (and Chan Min), and Lee Joon Yong, Soo Ha’s brother and Chan Min’s friend who can’t forget a girl from Hwa Ahn Dang he knew when he was a kid…

Credits: Dramawiki

My Comment :

I had been watched this drama for a while but have no impression on the story at all. Lee Da Hae’s character were not far from hers in My Girl but the storyline of this drama was so weak. I had to fast forward some scenes in order to finish the drama quickly.

I think that Lee Da Hae’s acting skill was such a waste here.

The OST: [L/D][eSnips/Megaupload]

  • Stay By My Side – Miya
  • Funky Dance – Crying Nut
  • My Girl (SBS – 2006)

    Title: 마이걸 / Ma-i-geol (My Girl)
    Episodes: 16
    Casts :
    Lee Dong Wook as Seol Gong-chan
    Lee Da Hae as Joo Yoo-rin
    Lee Joon Ki as Seo Jung-woo
    Park Si Yeon as Kim Seo-hyun

    The Synopsis:

    Joo Yoo Rin is an imposter, proficient in English, Chinese, and Japanese, while Seol Gong Chan is the second generation heir of a big corporation. Because of his grandfather’s illness, he is forced to ask Yoo Rin to act as his long-lost cousin so that his grandfather’s last wish can be fulfilled. So therefore, they are both bound in a lie that no-one in the family knows the truth.

    Gong Chan’s charming and intelligent ex-girlfriend, Kim Sae Hyun, grew up in a rich family and dreams to become a world-famous tennis star with the nickname “Sharapova of Korea”. Upon returning to Korea after winning the title, she works hard at getting back with Gong Chan, thus causing both she and Yoo Rin to have cutthroat competitions for Gong Chan’s affection.

    To make matters more complicated, womanizer Seo Jeong Woo, who is Gong Chan’s best friend, falls for Yoo Rin and finally learns to love that special someone despite being an “accomplished” playboy.

    Credits: Dramawik, Wikipediai

    My Comment :

    One of the best and my all-time favorite K-Dramas.

    The OST:[L/D][Megaupload/4Shared]

  • Alone – Lim Jae Wan
  • Never Say Good Bye – Mario & Nesty
  • Green Rose (SBS-2005)

    Title: 그린 로즈 / Geu-rin Ro-jeu
    Also known as: Green Rose
    Episodes: 22
    Casts :
    Go Soo as Lee Jung-Hyun
    Lee Da Hae as Oh Soo-Ah
    Lee Jong Hyuk as Shin Hyun-Tae
    Kim Suh Hyung as Cha Yoo-Ran

    The Synopsis:

    Lee Jung Hyun (Ko Soo) and Oh Soo Ah (Lee Da Hae) are living a normal life as a couple until it is revealed that Soo Ah is actually the daughter Oh Byung Moo, chairman of SR electronics where Jung Hyun works. The chairman does not recognize Jung Hyun as his daughters fiancee. One day Jung Hyun is summoned to the chairman’s vacation house. Inside, Jung Hyun finds the chairman unconscious. When Jung Hyun attempts to carry the chairman out of the house a fire is started and Jung Hyun is knocked out. Jung hyun is then framed for the attempted murder of the chairman and arson. Jung Hyun’s mother attempts suicide so that her son can get out of jail for a couple of days to prove is innocence. He is helped by Mr. Suh, a long time friend of the chairman. Cornered, Jung Hyun jumps off a bridge and is believed to be dead. After escaping to China and becoming the CEO of a Chinese company, he goes back to Korea to claim back his life under the alias Jang Joong Won. Soo Ah immediately recognizes Jung Hyun even though its been 4 years and she was with a suspicious man named Shin Tae Hyun.Under the help of his friends, it is revealed that the chairman was involved in the death of Shin Tae Hyuns father and that Shin was the one that wanted the chairman dead. Mr. Suh witnessed the whole thing but he also wanted the chairman dead. Shin was the one that tried to kill the chairman but Mr.Suh was the one that knocked out Jung Hyun. In the end both Shin and Suh commit suicide and Jung Hyun reclaims his name and his love Oh Soo Ah.

    Credits: Dramawiki, Wikipedia

    My Comment :

    One of the best K-Dramas. Green Rose is very different from typical K-Drama as it is a mix of romance and suspense. As an innocent man who is trapped by the greed people around him without knowing what is actually happened. I feel that the “comeback to life” Jung Hyun, is full of hatred and revenge. We can see he does meditation in several scenes. It might be to make him calmer and to overcome his feeling, I guess.

    I love Go Soo’s acting here. This is the first drama of Go Soo and Lee Da Hae that I watched. Lee Da Hae is also great. She can be so elegant in Green Rose and on the other hand, become so cheerful in her other drama My Girl.

    OST :

  • Green Rose – Just [L/DL]
  • The Way – Jung Yo Hee [L/DL]
  • Nam Gyuh Jin Sarang – Zero [L/DL]
  • Ah Na Yo – Lisa [L/DL]