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[MV] General Hospital 2 – Dream (Love Theme)

This is a fanmade MV
Song : The OST “Dream – Song Hee Ran”
Clips : All cast’s love theme scenes from K-Drama “General Hospital 2” (MBC-2008)

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My Comment :

I love to see Ha Yoon and Hyun Woo…

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[MV] General Hospital 2 – Greeting (All Cast Theme)

This is a fanmade MV
Song : The OST “Greeting – And”
Clips : All casts’ scenes from K-Drama “General Hospital 2” (MBC-2008)

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My Comment :

On this MV, I tried to capture the ups and downs that the characters in this drama went through in the attempts to treat and save their patients, especially the emotional parts with this beautiful song as a background.

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[MV] General Hospital 2 – Ha Yoon Theme

This is a fanmade MV
Song : The OST “A City Called Seoul – Hey”
Clips : Geum Soon and Jae Hee’s scenes from K-Drama “General Hospital 2” (MBC-2008)

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My Comment :

I love this song although I don’t understand!

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General Hospital 2 (MBC – 2008)

Title: 종합병원 2 / Jonghap Byeongwon 2
Also known as: General Hospital 2
Episodes: 16
Casts :
Lee Jae Ryong as Kim Do Hoon
Cha Tae Hyun as Choi Jin Sang
Kim Jung Eun as Jung Ha Yoon
Ryu Jin as Baek Hyun Woo
Ryu Seung Soo as Jo Yong Han
Do Ji Won as Song Hye Soo
Lee Jong Won as Han Ki Tae
Go Joon Hee as Kang Eun Ji

The Synopsis:

Jung Ha Yoon is a graduate student who successfully passed the bar exam. However, she is not finished as she wants to be a medical malpractice litigation specialist. She works at a hospital to look to gain experience and there she meets other doctors who work there.

Credits: Dramawiki

My Comment : Continue reading

Oh! Feel Young (KBS-2004)

Title:오! 필승 봉순영 / O! Pil-seung Bong Soon-yeong
Also known as: Feel so young
Episodes: 16
Casts :
Ahn Jae Wook as Oh Pil-seung
Chae Rim as Bong Soon-young
Ryu Jin as Yoon Jae-woong
Park Sun Young as Noh Yoo-jung (Pil-seung’s assistant)

The Synopsis:

This is a drama about an ordinary guy who finds great, but unexpected success. Oh Pil-seung is a free-spirited, but somewhat lazy regular joe who suddenly finds himself heir apparent to a top-level logistics company! As rivals and detractors simply waiting for him to foul up, Pil Seung has to either face the challenge or just quit the game.

Bong Soon-young is the manager of a large discount store, and strives to find the perfect love with white-collar pretty boy Yun Jae-ung. A veteran of disastrous relationships, Soon-young wears her heart on her too-emotional sleeve, and is willing to die for love. The stable, well-educated, and intelligent Jae-ung looks to be a perfect catch. But there’s just one obstacle: a boorish, uneducated guy named Pil-seung…

Credits: Dramawiki,

The OST : [D][Megaupload]

  • Haeng Bok Han Ee Yoo  – Oh Suk Joon
  • Mut Dae Ro Mam Dae Ro – Kim Gil Joong
  • Stock Flower (KBS-2001)

    Title :Stock Flower (KBS-2001)
    Also Known As :Silk Flower/Love Miracle
    Casts :Park Jin Hee, Ryu Jin, Choi Min Yong, Lee Chang Hoon
    My Comment :One of the nice and heart warming drama about an unwed mother…It’s an old drama that I just watched last year. Ryu Jin’s character is so charming here.
    OST :

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    MV Capital Scandal – The Capital Sad Love Song Part 2

    Song: Ggeut Ee Ra Mid Neun Geu Dae – So Sul
    Clips: Su Hyun and Song Joo Scenes From K-Drama “Capital Scandal” (KBS-2007)

    My Comment:
    It actually took a while for me to love this song. Dunno why, I do not really like it. But I feel like short of something by making only Wannie-Yeo Kyung MV (the lead characters of this drama) with no So Hyun- Song Joo ones. I’m glad that finally I finished the MV.

    Unlike the love story of Wannie- Yeo Kyung which is a mixture of sweet, funny and sad love story, So Hyun-Song Joo really have a very very sad and tragic love story, even until the end. A love story between a girlYou can see it when they talk through their eyes.
    It is a story between Song Joo, a courtesan who is actually a member of revolution movement and her movement leader ,So Hyun, who undercover as a policeman for the enemy.

    “Love Is The Spring”
    “Revolution Is The Winter”
    ~ Cha Song Joo

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  • Ggeut Ee Ra Mid Neun Geu Dae – Yeon Woo Feat. So Sul [D] [Buy Now]