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My J-Rock Collection

As I watch and collect OST from Japanese dorama, I find some nice Japanese rock music, too. So, in addition to my K-Rock music collection page, the page where I compile all the Korean rock music I have on my blog, I do the same with the Japanese one.

These are the collection of my favorite J-Rock on this blog. I put the list in alphabetical order of the singer’s /group’s name
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[MV] Partner-Love Me (Eun Ho Theme)

This is a fanmade MV
Song : The OST “Naege Sarangi-Rumble Fish”
Clips : Eun Ho’s scenes from K-Drama “Partner” (KBS-2009)

My Comment :
On this MV, I tried to capture Eun Ho’s scenes. Eun Ho and Tae Jo is such a cute couple. I love this song as well.

Naege Sarangi-Rumble Fish[D]

[MV]Partner – A Dreaming Hero

This is a fanmade MV
Song : The OST “Gumguneun Hiyero-Super Junior KRY”
Clips : Various cast’s scenes from K-Drama “Partner” (KBS-2009)

My Comment :
On this MV, I tried to capture a glimpse of Eun Ho-Tae Jo’s cases and the romance between the main 4 characters in this drama. I really love this song.

Gumguneun Hiyero-Super Junior KRY[D]

[MV] Fight – My Life

This is a fanmade MV
Song : The OST “My Life-Kim Tae Hoon”
Clips : Kang Gun’s scenes from K-Drama “Fight” (TVN-2008)

My Comment :

Although Fight is not my favorite drama but I still make the MV because I kind of like this song… Enjoy!

  • My Life-Kim Tae Hoon  [D]
  • Beautiful Days (SBS-2001)

    Title: 아름다운 날들 / Ah-reum-dah-woon Nal-deul
    Also Known As : Beautiful Days
    Episodes: 24
    Casts : Lee Byung Hun,Ryu Shi Won,Choi Ji Woo, Lee Jung Hyun,Shin Min Ah

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    [MV] General Hospital 2 – Dream (Love Theme)

    This is a fanmade MV
    Song : The OST “Dream – Song Hee Ran”
    Clips : All cast’s love theme scenes from K-Drama “General Hospital 2” (MBC-2008)

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    My Comment :

    I love to see Ha Yoon and Hyun Woo…

    Dream – Song Hee Ran [L/DL] [Buy Now]

    General Hospital 2 (MBC – 2008)

    Title: 종합병원 2 / Jonghap Byeongwon 2
    Also known as: General Hospital 2
    Episodes: 16
    Casts :
    Lee Jae Ryong as Kim Do Hoon
    Cha Tae Hyun as Choi Jin Sang
    Kim Jung Eun as Jung Ha Yoon
    Ryu Jin as Baek Hyun Woo
    Ryu Seung Soo as Jo Yong Han
    Do Ji Won as Song Hye Soo
    Lee Jong Won as Han Ki Tae
    Go Joon Hee as Kang Eun Ji

    The Synopsis:

    Jung Ha Yoon is a graduate student who successfully passed the bar exam. However, she is not finished as she wants to be a medical malpractice litigation specialist. She works at a hospital to look to gain experience and there she meets other doctors who work there.

    Credits: Dramawiki

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