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MV Evasive Inquiry Agency – A Love Fool (Moo Yeol Theme)

This is a fanmade MV
Song : The OST “Sarang Eul Chat Ja Suh – Bubble Sisters”
Clips : Moo Yeol and Eun Jae’s scenes from K-Drama “Evasive Inquiry Agency” (KBS-2007)

My Comment :
I actually do not know the meaning of this song. The titled of the MV, A LOVE FOOL, was refer to the theme I made for the MV.
In this MV I tried to capture the scenes that showed how Moo Yeol smitten with Eun Jae. In many occasions he could not help to show his affection to her whereas because of her upbringing and dark past, Eun Jae, on the other hand was very introvert, calm and unable to easily express her feeling towards others.

I love this song as well. It sounds like the song from the 80s, the disco era…

Sarang Eul Chat Ja Suh – Bubble Sisters.mp3 3.1MB [D][Mediafire]