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MV The Vineyard Man – Good Lady

This is a fanmade MV
Song : The OST “Good Lady ~ Eru”
Clips : Ji Hyun’s Scenes from K-Drama “THE VINEYARD MAN” (KBS 2006)
Cast : Yoon Eun Hye, Oh Man Seok
My Comment : This is one of the best K-Drama with a very happy ending.
Love Taek Gi and Ji Hyun

My Comment :
I captured Ji Hyun’s scenes for this MV. She is such a lovely girl who turned from a material city girl at first into a simple and nice country girl because of her love to Taek Gi, The Vineyard Man. I have no idea what the song is about but the title “Good Lady” looks like fit for Ji Hyun’s Character

Good Lady – Eru.wma 3.5 Mb [Download][Mediafire]

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MV Capital Scandal – The Capital Prince

This is a fanmade MV

Song:The OST “Kyung Sung Scandal ” By Eru

Clips: Sun Woo Wan a.k.a Wannie’s Scenes from K-Drama “Capital Scandal” (KBS-2007)

My Comment:

This MV is focus on the scenes of the lead character Sun Woo Wan (Wannie). Wannie is a prince-type guy who later changes from a womaniser become a one-woman guy after he falls for Yeo Kyung, an old fashioned girl who also dubbed as Jo Ma Ja (The last woman from Chosun Era. Wannie who at first hates troubles and only wants a pleasant life, later become a member of the revolution movement which aim for the liberation of his country. All of this because of his love to Yeo Kyung.

Kang Ji Hwan is so great here as the charming, hilarious and colorful Wannie..:D..

I can not understand why such a good drama was so underrated. I am so totally hooked up with it that now I am trying to promote this drama through my MV. Hopefully, the viewers of my MV will attract to watch this drama and like it,too.

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Kyung Sung Scandal By Eru.wma 1.62MB [Mediafire][Download][Buy Now]

For those who like this MV, below is the download link :

MV Capital Scandal – The Capital Prince.wmv 54.38MB [D][Mediafire]

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