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MV Love Marriage – Love

This is a fanmade MV
Song : The OST “Love – Maybee and HowL (Featuring Humming Urban Stereo)”
Clips : Kang Hyun and Hyun Soo’s scenes from K-Drama “Love Marriage” (KBS-2008)

My Comment :
Ah… I love this song very much..Kang Hyun and Hyun Soo are just too good when they’re together..I love Kim Ji Hoon and Kim Min Hee chemistry.
Love – Maybee and HowL (Featuring Humming Urban Stereo).wma 1.6MB [D][Mediafire][Buy Now]

MV Love Marriage – Love.mpg 40MB [D][Mediafire]


Coffee Prince (MBC – 2007) – Other Nice Tracks From The OST Collection

More nice tracks from Coffee Prince OST Collection that I also like…

  • Ba Raen Go Baek – Casker
  • Mocha – Casker
  • Coffee Han-Jan-Uh-Ddae – Humming Urban Stereo (Feat. Yozoh)
  • [D][Megapuload][Buy Now]