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Miss Mermaid (MBC-2002)

Title: Ineo Agassi
Also known as: Little Mermaid / Mermaid Lady / Story of a Mermaid
Episodes: 256 Episodes

Casts :
Jang Seo Hee as Eun Ariyoung
Kim Sung Min as Lee Joo-Wang
Woo Hee Jin as Eun Ye-Young
Jung Bo Suk as Ma Ma-Joon
Lee Jae Eun as Ma Ma-Rin

The Synopsis:

Eun Ah Ri Yung (Jang Suh Hee) is a successful drama writer with a scarred past. When her father had an affair with another lady and left the family, her brother died and her mom became blind. Hating her father her whole childhood, she grows up to plan revenge on her father’s new family. Her father’s wife, Shim Soo Jung (Han Hae Sook) is a popular actress. Ah Ri Yung writes a drama about the affair and her blind mother, and casts Shim Soo Jung in the role of her blind mother in order so that Soo Jung will feel guilt. Ah Ri Yung also plans to steal her stepsister (Woo Hee Jin)’s fiancee (Kim Sung Min). A guy she only chose for revenge becomes a guy she truly loves, and that love confuses her feelings for revenge. Soo Ah (Go Doo Shim), her mother’s friend, helps in the revenge because she wants Ah Ri Yung to become her son (Jung Bo Suk)’s wife. As one person’s plan for revenge starts, many people will become hurt, and the true meaning of forgiveness and understanding is learned.

Credits: Dramawiki

My Comment :

This is my current Drama-On-The-Go, I mean the drama I have in my portable media player so I am able to watch it whenever I have a time. It is one of the best K-Dramas ever despite is an old drama from year 2002 that I just have the chance to watch now.

The casts, storyline and OST are so great . Despite its age, this drama still powerful enough to draw my attention. No wonder that this drama was one of the highest rating K-Dramas of all time.

Jang Suh Hee were so perfect for her role as Eun Ariyoung. Her character were so complex.Ariyoung had that angelic look and the almost perfect personality that made even Joo Wang willing to dump his fiancee for her. On the other hand, she could tranform herself to become so cruel towards her dad and his new family.

Nae Ah Peun Sarang – True Bird (Mermaid).wma 1.5Mb[Listen/Download][eSnips]

Bi ga – Han Do Young (Mermaid).wma

Attic Cat (MBC – 2003)

Title: 옥탑방 고양이 / Ok-tap-bang Go-yang-ee
Also known as :Cat in a Rooftop Room / Cats on the Roof / Rooftop Room Cat / Rooftop Romance
Episodes: 16

Casts :
Kim Rae Won as Lee Kyung-min
Jung Da Bin as Nam Jung-eun
Lee Hyun Woo as Yoo Dong-joon
Choi Jung Yoon as Na Hye-ryun

The Synopsis:

Kyung Min is an orphan who was raised by his grandparents. His parents died many years ago in an accident. Both his grandparents love him very much. His grandmother especially so and accords to everything he does. As a result he is spoiled and immature. He is a law student and lives in his own apartment funded by his rich grandparents money. Kyung Min likes a girl called Hye Ryun who is also rich and studying law with him. Hye Ryun pays Kyung Min no attention.

Jung Eun comes from a humble background. Her father is a policeman and her mother a housewife. Jung Eun is self-proclaimed to be not very bright and has failed the employment examination repeatedly. As a result, it is difficult for her to find a job. However, she remains optimistic about her future.

One day, Jung Eun’s family decides to move to another town, away from Seoul. Jung eun is shocked and disapproves of the idea, however, under the patriarchal society of Korea, she has no choice. She secretly rents an attic room in an old building, however, before she can pay the deposit her immature younger brother finds her bank account booklet and steals the hard-earned money she has earned from her daily paper deliveries. Jung Eun is outraged and worries that her desire to remain in Seoul is shattered.

Jung Eun and Hye Ryun are friends from High School. One day Jung Eun borrowed Hye Ryun’s library card and used the university’s library’s facilities. She accidentally takes Kyung Min’s seat and drools over his books while she slept, tired from studying. Kyung Min returns to his seat disgusted at her actions. Jung Eun apologises and leaves. Later, Kyung Min’s friend accidentally takes his folder without informing Kyung Min. Kyung Min, believing that Jung Eun stole his folder, goes and chases Jung Eun down and demands she open her bag. Jung Eun defends herself by stating that she did not steal his folder. Their verbal disagreement turns in physical as Kyung Min grabs her bag and the contents are spilt out. KYung Min realises his mistake and quickly gathers the things back in her back. Jung Eun walks off in a huff.

Soon, Jung Eun returns Hye Ryun’s card and they have lunch in the cafeteria. AS they chat, this was incidentally seen by KYung Min. Kyung Min forms an idea. A few days later, he sees Jung Eun in the University park and decides to befriend her in order for Jung Eun to whisper favourable words to Rye Hyun. Kyung Min deceptively slips that he is Hye Ryun’s friends. Knowing this, Jung Eun reasons that since he is HYe Ryun’s friend, then he cant be too harmful. Due to Kyung Min’s regrettable attitude, Jung Eun decides to trust Kyung Min and they become friends. As they get to know each other, Jung Eun pours out her finance woes to Kyung Min due to her brother’s theft and the resulting inability to pay the deposit for the attic house. Kyung Min, keen to be nice to Jung Eun, lends his money to Jung Eun.

Credits: Dramawiki, Wikipedia

My Comment :

One of my all-time favorite K-Dramas. Love the story, the characters the casts and the OSTs. I could not remember how many times I rewatched it. I became like Jung Da Bin and Kim Rae Won because of this drama, although the first drama of Kim Rae Won that I watched was My Love Patzzi. I tried to find other Jung Da Bin’s works after watched this drama.

It was so sad that Jung Da Bin ended her life tragically in 2007.

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    Succesful Story Of A Bright Girl (SBS-2002)

    Title :Successful Story Of A Bright Girl (SBS-2002)
    Also Known As :Cheerful Girl’s Success Story / A Bright Girl’s Success Story
    Casts :Jang Na Ra, Jang Hyuk, Ryu Soo Young, Han Eun Jung
    My Comment : One of my All-Time Favorites K-Drama. I became like Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra because of this drama.
    OST :

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