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One More Nice Track From Love Marriage

While rewatching episode 15 of Love Marriage recently, I found one of my favorite song played in the background of this scene.

This was the scene when Kang Hyun and her best friends had a talk in a cafe as Hyun Soo left after hit by the scandal with his troubled celebrity client. The song “Better Together” by Jack Johnson was played in the background.

  • Better Together – Jack Johnson [L/D] [Buy Now]
  • Instrumental Track From Love Marriage

    From the Instrumental Tracks of Love Marriage OST, I love this one…

  • 사랑시작-(Love-Starts) [L/D][eSnips][Buy Now]
  • Other Nice Tracks From Love Marriage OST

    Here some nice additional tracks from Love and Marriage OST

    1. Oh My Friend – Big Bang

    This is the song that Kang Hyun and Kyung Hwan sang at the Karaoke during the MT in Episode 9

    • Oh My Friend – Big Bang Feat.No Brain [L/D]

    2. Don’t Go – Brown Eyes

    This song was played on the background when Kang Hyun’s parents tried to separate her with Hyun Soo after they got caught kissing in Eps 13. Thanks to Javabean@Dramabeans.com for letting us know about this song.

    • Don’t Go – Brown Eyes [L/D]

    3. Misread – Kings Of Convenience

    This song was played on the background when Hyun Soo was sitting in a cafe and reading the postcard sent by Hwa Young on Episode 16. It’s one of the nice song from Kings Of Convenience that I love beside I’d Rather Dance With You

    [MV]Love Marriage – Hold Onto Me Now (All Cast Theme)

    This is a fanmade MV
    Song : The OST “Hold Onto Me Now – Jung Jae Wook”
    Clips : All cast’s scenes from K-Drama “Love Marriage” (KBS-2008)

    My Comment :
    This is the last MV from me for this drama. As I love most of the characters in this drama so used this song to make one all cast theme MV. Enjoy!

    Hold Onto Me Now – Jung Jae Wook.wma 1.87MB [D][Mediafire][Buy Now]

    [MV] Love Marriage – The Past Love (An Unextraordinary Confession)

    This is a fanmade MV
    Song : The OST “An Unextraordinary Confession – Lee Seung Hwan”
    Clips : The four main characters, scenes from K-Drama “Love Marriage” (KBS-2008)

    My Comment :
    This MV is dedicated to the supporting characters of this drama..
    If in the One Person MV, the theme of the video I made were more about how both Hyun Soo and Kang Hyun’s exes were kind of being the obstacles to their relationship ( but that’s because both their exes had not known that they had found new love), then the theme of this MV show how Hyun Soo and Kang Hyun memorized the sweet moments with their exes for the last time before bid their past loves farewell.

    The song used in this MV is the one played on the background of the scenes when Hyun Soo sent Hwa Young off.
    Thanks to Javabean@dramabeans.com for uploading the song in her blog. I love it very much..especially the guitar sound on the intro of this song..Although I do not know the meaning of the song but the melody is just so sweet..

    An Unextraordinary Confession – Lee Seung Hwan.mp3 1.56MB [D][Mediafire]

    MV Love Marriage – Zza Zza La

    This is a fanmade MV
    Song : The OST “Zza Zza La – As One”
    Clips : Kang Hyun and Hyun Soo’s scenes from K-Drama “Love Marriage” (KBS-2008)

    My Comment :
    I love this song as well !

    Zza Zza La – As One.wma 1.72MB [D][Mediafire][Buy Now]

    MV Love Marriage – Come To Me

    This is a fanmade MV
    Song : The OST “Come To Me – J”
    Clips : Kang Hyun and Hyun Soo’s scenes from K-Drama “Love Marriage” (KBS-2008)

    My Comment :

    Warning! This MV contains ending scene..But still it is worth to watch if you curious about the ending.. Just as I guessed from the beginning when I started to watch this show, it ended happy and so sweet for the main couple as well as the exes. The scriptwriter is so fantastic that she ended the story with such a cleverness in the “Turn Back Time” scene..

    This is one of the song I love from the OST collection of this drama. In this MV I tried to use scenes that showed more about how Kang Hyun misses Hyun Soo. Enjoy!

    Come To Me – J.wma 1.65MB [D][Mediafire][Buy Now]