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MV Mop Girl – Opening Clip

Song : The OST “Destination Nowhere-Erika”
Clips : Opening clip from J-Drama “Mop Girl ” (TV Asahi-2007)

My Comment :
I Love this song very much! The opening clip also looks cool. That’s why I post this clip..

  • Destination Nowhere – Erika [DL]
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    Mop Girl (TV Asahi – 2007)

    Title: モップガール
    Also known as: Mop Girl
    Episodes: 10
    Casts :
    Kitagawa Keiko as Hasegawa Momoko
    Miyama Karen as young Hasegawa Momoko
    Tanihara Shosuke as Otomo Shotaro
    Asami Reina as Okouchi Hina

    The Synopsis:

    Momoko Hasegawa, a girl who dreams of being a wedding planner is transferred to Little Angels, a subsidiary company of her employer that provides funeral services, following a disastrous incident in a wedding ceremony at the hotel. Continue reading