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eSnips – Deleting Files Without Notice?

About one hour ago I accidentally found out that some of the audio files I stored and shared on my eSnips account had been deleting without notice to me. The weird thing is that the files were still there in its folder but only when I click on the files that I got the notice saying “the file is no longer available on eSnips”. Then I checked all the files I stored there and finally found nearly 30 audio files have gone.

The deletion without notice is what made me so upset with eSnips. When I had my video files on my previous Youtube account removed, at least I still got the notice but I did not get any information at all from eSnips. Anyway, I will no longer upload songs there and will just keep the existing files until eSnips delete them all. Luckily that I never really trust free online storage. That’s why I have my files store in many different site.

I will reupload the deleted songs on other site and restore the download links on this blog. Finally, if you upload songs via eSnips, just check if you still have the files there.


Deleting and Reuploading Some of My Fanmade MVs

I just notice recently that some of my MVs I uploaded on YOUTUBE are corrupted. It’s strange because the videos are OK when I play them on my PC but they became corrupted when they are played on YOUTUBE player. I have no idea why. Anyway, I reprocessed some of those video files and will re-upload to replace the corrupted video files…Here are the MVs I am going to reupload :

– MVs from K-Drama Why Did You Come To My House
– MVs from K-Drama Fly High
– MVs from K-Drama My Sweet City
– MVs from K-Drama Gourmet
– MVs from K-Drama 9Ends 2 Out
– MVs from K-Drama 30 K Miles In Search Of My Son
– MVs from K-Drama On Air
– MVs from K-Drama Evasive Inquiry Agency
– MVs from K-Drama In Soon Is Pretty
– MVs from K-Drama Powerful Opponent
– MVs from K-Drama New Heart

Goodbye Astralyz Channel, Welcome AstralyzB

After trying the best I could to save my K-drama fanmade MV channel at Youtube, Astralyz Channel, it is so upsetting that finally it was still suspended by Youtube on Aug 9 ,2008. It was two years after I opened that channel and had about 90s of my fanmade MVs on it.

I think it was a further effect after I had two of my fanmade MVs from SBS drama removed (Fashion 70s and Bad Couple) and in its notice, Youtube said it was a result of notification from SBS. However, the funny thing was that the last removal was actually a fanmade MV from Insoon Is Pretty, which was not a drama belonged to SBS as per Youtube’s notice but it was KBS’ .

Anyway, at this moment I do not think of giving up making fanmade MV yet since I still love K-Drama, so I open another channel, AstralyzB . I am now still working to reuploading all my old fanmade MVs in between making a new MVs and I will update the link on this blog as well later. **sigh**

Rescuing My YOUTUBE Channel

Recently, I had my fanmade MVs deleted. The first one was few days ago, where my MV from Fashion 70s titled A Day By Jo Jin Mo had been deleted by Youtube on the reason of copyright infringement. Then, this morning it was my Bad Couple MV titled Sweet You’s turn

I am a bit upset. Making MVs are really a hardwork from fans. Our purpose are just to help people put more attention into those certain good dramas, in which sometimes undeservedly gained low rating during the airing. In addition, we do not even posted the whole episodes of those dramas, instead we are helping to promote the dramas for free. If it was not because of the enthusiasm of the worldwide K-Drama fans to spread it on the internet, Korean Wave would probably never happen.

Anyway, the law is the law and there is no excuses are allowed for the breach. However, I love Youtube and do not want my account with all my videos to be deleted like what had been happened to some K-Drama ardent fans. In order to avoid this I have no choice but to voluntarily deleted some of my fanmade MVs.

Since my MVs that YOUTUBE deleted were from SBS channel, so I prioritize to delete the MVs from SBS’ dramas as well. But I will reupload them again. However, from now on I will remove all tags on my videos when posting my videos there and give as less information as possible to stay under radar. They are including shorten the title of the drama. I read about this strategy from other fans but I have no idea if it will be effective. Hopefully, it works.

From now on, I will only put the full details of my K-Drama fanmade MVs as well as tags, on this blog and discussion forum or website where I post the MVs..

Below are the lists of MVs that I have deleted and will reupload again :

MV Fashion 70s – A Day By Jo Jin Mo
MV Fashion 70s – Jang Bin Theme
MV Fashion 70s – Close To You
MV Fashion 70s – Dong Young and Deo Mi Happy Ending
MV Lovers – The Lovers Theme
MV Lovers – The Love Story
MV Foxy Lady – Byung Hee and Chul Soo Theme
MV Surgeon Bong Dal Hee – The Promise
MV Surgeon Bong Dal Hee – The Romance
MV Surgeon Bong Dal Hee – Let It Grow
MV Bad Couple – Sweet You
MV Bad Couple – Gi Chan’s Said
MV bad Couple – Dang Ja’s Said
MV Perfect Neighbour – The Love Theme
MV On Air – All Casts Theme
MV On Air – Sky Love

The criteria of the MVs that I voluntarily deleted at the moment are those from SBS Channel and my MVs that came out on the first page of Google when the title of the drama were typed on Google search engine. However, I believe that it is just a matter of time when others Korean TV stations (KBS and MBC) will follow suit.

K-Drama Original Soundtracks

There is something about the Original Soundtrack of Korean Dramas that is really interesting. I think K-Drama often have great OSTs. It is not only the vocal version but also the instrumental ones. I have a collection of K-Dramas OSTsĀ  which are nice to listen. I would like to share some of my favorite OST here in this blog.

It is really good to have such a website like Soompi Forum, where we can get everything about Korean entertainment industry, particularly the dramas, movies and OSTs from the old ones to the latest..

The OSTs section in Soompi Forum really broaden my scope on the music I listen to. I learned through this forum that it is not only the songs but often the instrumental used in Korean drama OSTs are also great. In addition, before, I mostly know and listen only to the music from US musicians but K-Dramas and the OSTs used in them made me got to know so many musicians, not just from US but also European, Japanese, and of course Korean whose made great music..Moreever, K-Drama OSTs made me to be able to enjoy songs even though I do not understand the lyrics at all. However, just like people said that music is an universal language which also means that you still can enjoy the great songs without having to understand what the lyrics said