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MV Coffee Prince – Coffee Is…

This is a fanmade MV
Song : The OST “Coffee Is.. By Cloud Cuckoo Land”
Clips : Coffee-related scenes from K-Drama “Coffee Prince” (MBC-2007)

My Comment :
This song is so unique..The lyrics are just 3 lines which sung repeatedly but I love the music..especially the electric guitar..

[Lyrics]Coffee Is… – Cloud Cuckoo Land

Coffee is my great star
Coffee is your great star
Coffee is our vague star

Credits : Soompi Forum

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    MV Coffee Prince – Again

    This is a fanmade MV
    Song : The OST ” Da Shi (Acoustic Ver) by Cloud Cuckoo Land”
    Clips : Eun Chan and Han Gyul’s Scenes from K-Drama “Coffee Prince” (MBC-2007)

    My Comment :
    Although this song is not the main OST but I love it very much!!!
    Love the music, especially the acoustic guitar, the piano and the vocal..
    Unfortunately, I dunno what this song is about..I only know that the title Da Shi means Again or Once More through the online language translation tool..
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