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MV Mop Girl – Opening Clip

Song : The OST “Destination Nowhere-Erika”
Clips : Opening clip from J-Drama “Mop Girl ” (TV Asahi-2007)

My Comment :
I Love this song very much! The opening clip also looks cool. That’s why I post this clip..

  • Destination Nowhere – Erika [DL]
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    Mop Girl (TV Asahi – 2007)

    Title: モップガール
    Also known as: Mop Girl
    Episodes: 10
    Casts :
    Kitagawa Keiko as Hasegawa Momoko
    Miyama Karen as young Hasegawa Momoko
    Tanihara Shosuke as Otomo Shotaro
    Asami Reina as Okouchi Hina

    The Synopsis:

    Momoko Hasegawa, a girl who dreams of being a wedding planner is transferred to Little Angels, a subsidiary company of her employer that provides funeral services, following a disastrous incident in a wedding ceremony at the hotel. Continue reading

    MV Call Me CA – Fly High (Sae and Takaoka-san’s Theme)

    This is a fanmade MV
    Song : The OST “Fly High – Nakanomori Band”
    Clips : Sae and Takaoka-san’s scenes from J-Dorama “CA To Oyobi/Call Me CA” (NTV-2006)

    My Comment :
    In this MV I try to capture my favorite Sae and Takaoka-san’s scenes…

  • Fly High – Nakanomori Band [DL]
  • CA To Oyobi (NTV-2006)

    Title : CAとお呼びっ!
    Also known as: CA To Oyobi/Call Me CA (Cabin Attendant)!
    Episodes: 11
    Casts :
    Mizuki Arisa as Yamada Sae
    Tanihara Shosuke as Takaoka Shin
    Karina as Kikuchi Yuka
    Sato Eriko as Fujisawa Risako
    Nishida Naomi as Tanaka Megumi
    Sawamura Ikki as Minamida Toshihiko

    The Synopsis:

    “Call me CA!“ tells the story of a 28-year-old, single domestic airline CA (cabin attendant), Sae Yamada (Arisa Mizuki), looking for love and fulfillment in life…well not really. Continue reading