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[MV]Anego – Kiss Or Kiss (Naoko and Akihiko’s Theme)

This is a fanmade MV
Song : The OST “Kiss Or Kiss-Nana Kitade”
Clips : Naoko and Akihiko’s scenes from J-Dorama “Anego” (NTV-2005)

My Comment :
Naoko and Akihiko is so cute when they are together…

  • Kiss or Kiss-Nana Kitade[L/D]
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    Anego (NTV 2005)

    Title: アネゴ
    Also known as:
    Episodes: 10 + 1 Special
    Casts :
    Shinohara Ryoko as Noda Naoko
    Tomosaka Rie as Sawaki Eriko
    Akanishi Jin as Kurosawa Akihiko
    Toda Naho as Kato Hiromi
    Ichikawa Miwako as Hasegawa Manami
    Kato Masaya as Sawaki Shoichi
    The Synopsis:

    Naoko Noda, who works in a trading company, is called “anego” by her younger co-workers. What is “anego”? It means “older sister,” but in this case it is given as a nickname to Naoko because she is like a big sister to her coworkers, who depend on her to give them advice about everything. This drama, depicts realistically how Naoko lives her everyday life, including her love life, the problems she faces, and her uneasiness about the future. –NTV

    Credits: Dramawiki

    My Comment :

    I watch Anego because of Shinohara Ryoko.Before watching the whole drama, I really thought that Anego is a romantic comedy about an older woman with a younger guy but I was wrong. The theme of Anego is heavier than that and even though I don’t think it as  one of the best dramas  but I still find it enjoyable.

    In addition of the synopsis above which I took from Dramawiki  I add more details about the story. This is simply my own interpretation of the drama so pardon me if I happen to make mistakes.

    SPOILER ALERT! Please do not continue reading if you don’t like spoiler
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