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My J-Rock Collection

As I watch and collect OST from Japanese dorama, I find some nice Japanese rock music, too. So, in addition to my K-Rock music collection page, the page where I compile all the Korean rock music I have on my blog, I do the same with the Japanese one.

These are the collection of my favorite J-Rock on this blog. I put the list in alphabetical order of the singer’s /group’s name
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[MV] Fight – My Life

This is a fanmade MV
Song : The OST “My Life-Kim Tae Hoon”
Clips : Kang Gun’s scenes from K-Drama “Fight” (TVN-2008)

My Comment :

Although Fight is not my favorite drama but I still make the MV because I kind of like this song… Enjoy!

  • My Life-Kim Tae Hoon  [D]
  • Vanilla Unity – Vol.2 : Commonplace (2008)

    COMMONPLACE is Vanilla Unity’s second album which released in 2008. Continue reading

    Rocket Diary – District 13 (2007)

    DISTRICT 13 is Rocket Diary’s first album which released in 2007. Just like I have said before I get to known about this group after introduced by Dramabeans with some of their tracks from this album such as District 13, Tonight, Heart Messenger and the one I love the most : She Makes Me Cry. Later I tried to find the full album. Continue reading

    Rocket Diary – Single (2005)

    Before they released their first album, Rocket Diary released a single in October 2005. The single contains 3 songs only and one of the track titled “Space Boy” has also been used as one of the soundtrack of K-Movie “FLY HIGH” (Ji Hyun Woo, Im Jung Eun). I haven’t watched the movie though. Continue reading

    Rocket Diary


    About :
    Rocket Diary is a band that formed in high school in Seoul, Korea. They are the forefront of Korea’s pop punk/emo scene. They cite New Found Glory, The Get Up kids, and Jimmy Eat World as their influences. Their first single was released in October 2005. Continue reading

    [MV]Lawyers Of Korea – Climax (All Cast Theme)

    This is a fanmade MV
    Song : The OST”Climax-Min Kyung Hoon”
    Clips : All Cast’ scenes from K-Drama “Lawyers of Korea” (MBC-2008 )

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    My Comment :
    Since I love both the lead and supporting characters, I made this MV to capture all the cast I like in this drama. Enjoy!

  • Climax – Min Kyung Hoon
  • Climax (Drama Ver.) – Min Kyung Hoon[L/D][Mediafire/4shared][Buy Now]