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Hello! Welcome To Astralyz’s Blog

This is my first time to start a blog. At first, the purpose of starting this blog was that to put all the things that I had special interests in onto this blog. However, as a Korean Drama addict, later I found out that this blog became more about Korean Dramas than other things. That is why I decided to make this blog as a place for me to unleash my K-Drama addiction as well as my interest in K-Drama OSTs, a little space for me to escape for a while from my real life and enjoy an imaginary world of drama.

K-Dramas is my guilty pleasure. Sometimes, I think that I waste too much time and resources on it but somehow I am still not willing to give it up at the moment.

Anyway, this blog will be a place where I list all the dramas that I had been watched so far and my thought about them. I will not write any analysis nor post Korean Entertainment news in this blog. For me, this blog will be more of a personal archive that I would like to share than an informative blog like others.

Furthermore, as English is not my first language and I am still learning instead, I may make grammatical mistakes in my posts.

Finally, if you happen to come to this blog, you are welcome and I wish you enjoy it.


** I have no idea how to make the title of this post comes out on the top of my side bar so I added anĀ  A, even though A Prologue is grammatically incorrect.