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MV Merry DaeGu-Dae Gu and Dad Guitar Duet

Song:The OST “Dol Ah Oh Ra Sorrento Ro (Edited Acoustic Guitar Version)” By Lee Young Ha And Ji Hyun Woo
Clips:from K-Drama “Merry Dae Gu”(MBC-2007)

My Comment:
This clip is taken from Episode 16 (Final Episode) when Dae Gu and his dad reconciled.


MV Merry DaeGu-Merry and Dae Gu Duet

Song:The OST “Geu Dae Hon Ja Il Ddae” By Lee Ha Na and Ji Hyun Woo
Clips:from K-Drama “Merry Dae Gu”(MBC-2007)

My Comment :
The clip on this MV is taken from the drama. If I am not mistaken it is from the final episode (Episode 16). Lee Ha Na’s voice can be clearly listened in this clips. She really has such a great voice.

MV Merry DaeGu-Dream Comes True Theme

This is a fanmade MV
Song:The OST “Geu Dae Hon Ja Il Ddae” By Lee Ha Na
Clips:from K-Drama “Merry Dae Gu”(MBC-2007)

My Comment:
Actually, I do not know what this song is about but on the video I tried to describe how desperate Merry and Dae Gu were in pursuing their dreams. Their dreams were finally come true. Dae Gu became famous author at last, whereas Merry finally got a role in a stage performance although it was only a small role.
Lee Ha Na’s voice is so powerful and great. I think beside being an actress, she is supposed to be a singer, too.

geu dae hon ja il ddae – Lee Ha Na.mp3 6.42 Mb [download][mediafire]

MV Merry Daegu-Sweet Moments

This is a fanmade MV
Song:The OST “Remember” By The Melody
Clips:Merry and DaeGu’s Scenes from K-Drama “Merry DaeGu” (MBC-2007)

My Comment :
The song used in this MV is another track I like from the OST Collection of this drama..It sounds very sweet..
Remember (Drama Ver.) – The Melody.mp3 4.17 Mb [Download][mediafire]

MV Merry DaeGu-The Ballad Of Merry And Dae Gu

This is a fanmade MV
Song:The OST “One and One” By JI HYUN WOO
Clips:Merry and DaeGu’s Funny Scenes from K-Drama “Merry DaeGu” (MBC-2007)
My Comment:
Everytime I rewatch this MV I can’t help myself to laugh. Especially the scenes when Merry and Dae Gu’s act like model while shopping for clothes.
Merry and Dae Gu are so cute when they are fighting and pull each other hair..

One and One – Ji Hyun Woo.mp3 5.32 Mb [Download][mediafire]

Merry Daegu (MBC 2007) – The Characters

The Characters :
Hwang Mary (Played by Lee Ha Na)
Mary was born on Christmas Eve and so her parents named her after Saint Mary. She is an optimist who always thinks positively.
The pet dogs in her neighborhood adore her.
She can handle any kind of job without any hesitation. She takes everything in stride. She eats well, plays well and sleeps well. She barely squeaked by her classes to get a college diploma from a university in Seoul. She worked at a milk company for a year before she was fired. As she was pondering about whether her life was a failure one day, she recalled the days when she was so full of happiness when she went on school picnics and college trips. With vivid memories of those days, she finds a new direction in her life.
She was the happiest when she sang and danced… So now she is pursuing an acting career as a performer in a musical. Is she too confident? Or is she just plain stubborn? She never gives up even after getting rejected at yet another audition for a musical performance. She strongly believes that she has the talent to become a musical performer so she keeps trying to get a foot in the door. Every morning, she takes a morning job to the mineral spring to fetch mineral water for her grandfather. Every night, she practices her acceptance speech for a future acting award that she believes she’ll win someday.
She paints a rosy picture of her future and dreams of the day she’ll steal the show in a musical.
She believes that all the sacrifices she has made will help her become a better stage actress.
Unable to afford jazz dance lessons, flamenco lessons, judo classes, or kung fu classes, she learns as much as she can by spying through the window of the classrooms.
She gradually realizes that she is capable of doing things that she never thought were possible.

Kang Dae Gu (Played By Ji Hyun Woo)
He is an obscure writer of epic stories. With a body like an athlete, he has boundless charisma and a huge appetite… As a guy with a wild streak, he is athletic and always full of energy. He can eat his food under any circumstances or in any position. He keeps his shirts tucked in to hide his well-built body. Up close and personal, girls find him charming. Like the main heroes in his epic stories, he tries to be masculine and righteous. But there are too many temptations surrounding him.
Aspiring to become a great man, he went to Mt. Gyerong to train his mind and body but his health began to suffer and during that time, he met a scholar who drew him into the world of epic stories and third-rate martial arts. After reading five epic stories, he decides to make a name for himself as a popular writer but his first epic story based on his master’s life flops and the publishing company he has a contract with goes out of business. He is determined to write one more book as a sequel to his first one and persuades his college friend who owns a publishing company to print it. His sequel contains stories of righteousness and heroism. His friends think he has a laid back personality but in reality, he struggles with many personal difficulties in his life. He has to read at least 3 books a day and do more than a hundred push-ups to finally be able to fall asleep every night.
After renting a tiny room in a poor neighborhood he meets Mary Hwang, a neighbor, while searching for part-time jobs around his home. This is the beginning of his ongoing fight with Mary every day.
Since he reads countless epic stories, his speeches are sprinkled with old Chinese proverbs.
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Merry Daegu (MBC-2007)

Also known as : Meri, Dae Gu’s Attack and Defence Battle/The Mary Dae Gu Bout
Episodes : 16
Lee Ha Na As Hwang Merry
Ji Hyun Woo As Kang Dae Gu
Lee Min Woo As Seon Do Jin
Wang Bit Na As Lee So Ran

My Comment :
This is one of my favorite K-Drama.It is a comedy and really funny but unfortunately was so underrated.It’s a story about 2 people Merry and Dae Gu whose lives are so desperate with no money, no career nor lovers but no matter what people say about them,they hold on to their dreams as Merry wants to be a musical stage actor and Dae Gu wants to be a Kung Fu novel author and hope that their days will come at last. Although Merry and Dae Gu often fight everytime they meet but being in a similar condition later bring them together as an item.
I love the chemistry between Ji Hyun Woo (Dae Gu) and Lee Ha Na(Merry). Ji Hyun Woo looks so cute with his “broccoli alike” hair mean afro style :D..And Lee Ha Na..really has a great voice.
Merry and Dae Gu is such a perfect and cute couple that even the neighbours are envious of them..

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