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Tears Of Diamond (SBS-2005) – Gallery

I really like the chemistry between Yoon Hye Young and Lee Jae Hwang here. Like to see Lee Jae Hwang but apparently he is not very popular in Korea. The last drama of him that I watched was Typhoon, where he paired up with Jung Da Bin. However, I could not finished Typhoon because of the very bad ending.

The cruel husband.. But Kim Sung Min’s acting was really good. His character was so nasty that it made you feel like you wanted to kill this character.

Tears Of Diamond (SBS-2005)

Title: 눈물의 다이아몬드 / Da ee ah mon deu ui noon mool
Also known as: Diamond Tears
Episode: 21
Casts :
Yoon Hae Young as Son In Ha
Kim Sung Min as Choi Hyung Min
Lee Jae Hwang as Yi Seok
Hong Eun Hee as Jun Ga Hee

The Synopsis:

Choi Hyung Min (Kim Sung Min) is the son of a corporation who is a playboy. Son In- Ha (Yoon Hye Young) works at Hyung Min’s father’s company and works aside Hyung Min. The chairman is extremely nice to good nature In-ha and volunteers to walk her down the aisle when she gets married. In-ha is engaged to Chul Jong (Ahn Jae Won), who she isn’t sure really in love with.

Due to trouble with the compnay, Hyung Min’s father suffers a stroke and passed away. In this period of hardship, In-ha is there to help Hyung Min. For the first time, Hyung Min experiences the feeling of being in love. Hyung Min realizes the pureness and beauty of In-ha and tries to steal her away from Chul Jong. When Hyung Min succeeds, the two are happy only for a short time. Jun Ga Hee (Hong Eun Hee) arrives in Korea, and she is the daughter of a wealthy family that owns a huge department store. Ga Hee at a vulnerable state (trying to forget her last love) is attracted to Hyung Min. Seeing that Ga Hee will be able to aid him in rebuilding his business and getting back to the top, he decides to pursue Ga Hee and leaves In-ha.

Later, it turns out that In-ha is pregnant with Hyung Min’s child. Years later after the pain of Hyung Min’s betrayal, In-ha seeks revenge. At the same time, another man named Moon I Seok (Lee Jae Hwang) falls in love with her…

Credits: Dramawiki,

My Comment :

This drama was so sad. The earlier episodes was a bit slow but it became more and more interesting, especially after In Ha dumped by her husband Hyung Min for richer woman, Ga Hee.

Watching this drama made me felt like so pity with the lead character, In Ha. She dumped her fiancee for Hyung Min but only to find how cruel Hyung Min was. It looked as if it was the price she had to pay for dumping a good man. Later, she was also dumped, even lost her mother and daughter because of the nasty husband. She herself had to suffered from amnesia as she could not bear the pain to loose the only family member she had.

However, she was lucky to meet Yi Seok. Yi Seok was the son of In Ha’s boss. He was blind but was able to see later after had eyes donor from In Ha’s mother before she died. Later, Yi Seok promised to took care of In Ha who was suffered from amnesia. It took a long time for In Ha to really accept Yi Seok’s love after the pain and trauma caused by her husband

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