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[MV]Shukumei- Ending Clip

Song : The OST “Shukumei-Fujiki Naohito”
Clips : Akihiko and Yusaku’s ” scenes from J-Dorama “Shukumei” (WOWOW-2004)

My Comment :
Thanks for SARS Fansubs for providing the Karaoke text as well as the English translation of this song…

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    [MV] Shukumei – Fate

    This is a fanmade MV
    Song : The OST “Shukumei-Fujiki Naohito”
    Clips : All casts” scenes from J-Dorama “Shukumei” (WOWOW-2004)

    My Comment :
    I love this song very much!!!

  • Shukumei-Fujiki Naohito [D]
  • Shukumei (WOWOW-2004)

    Title: 宿命

    Also known as: Shukumei/Fate

    Episodes: 1 (Tanpatsu)

    Original writing (novel): Shukumei by Higashino Keigo

    Casts :

    Kashiwabara Takashi as Wagura Yusaku

    Fujiki Naohito as Uryu Akihiko

    Suzuki Sotaro as Uryu Akihiko (child)

    Honjo Manami as Uryu Misako

    Iijima Naoko as Hino Sanae

    The Synopsis:

    Wagura Yusaku unwillingly broke up with his first love in high school and became a policeman after years of struggle. Ten years later, the suspect of a murder case appeared to be his previous rival, Uryu Akihiko, who peculiarly had became the husband of his first love, Uryu Misako. The detective and the suspect, childhood rivals, carried out the confrontation of fate and are tossed about in destiny, accepting their “fate”… —

    Credits: Dramawiki

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